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International Journal of Computational Engineering Research





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Efficient Cluster Based Data Collection Using Mobile Data Collector for Wireless Sensor Network
Dhanya L Salian || Ravi B || Udaya Kumar K Shenoy
Paper Indexed : : 03.3005/xxxxxxx
International Journal of Computational Engineering Resaerch, Volume 06 ~ Issue 05 (May 2016)


Establishing an efficient data gathering scheme in wireless sensor networks is a challenging task. Lot of researches has been carried out to establish energy efficient data gathering scheme to avoid heavy traffic received by the nodes near the sink. Data gathering scheme is a significant factor in determining the network lifetime. In this paper we propose an efficient data gathering scheme by introducing clustering and mobility into the wireless sensor network. We consider data collection in wireless sensor networks by utilizing mobile data collector and cluster heads. Cluster heads are chosen and clusters are formed to collect data from the sensor nodes. The proposed scheme finds the shortest tour for the mobile data collector to collect data from the cluster heads. The shortest tour saves time and energy in data gathering.

Keywords: Wireless Sensor Networks, Mobile Data Collector, Sink, Cluster Heads, Minimum Spanning Tree, LEACH, Network Lifetime.