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International Journal of Computational EngineeringResearch


Volume 4, Issue 8, August, 2014

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Improving and Comparing the Coefficient of Performance of Domestic Refgirator by using Refrigerants R134a and R600a

Suresh Boorneni , A.V.Satyanarayana


The main objective in present dissertation has been focused on alternative refrigerant to conventional CFC refrigerant, CFC like R12, R22, R134a, etc… are not eco friendly. The emission of these refrigerants causes the depletion of ozone layer etc…. Hence to avoid above difficulty the alternative of refrigerant in the form of R600a has been choosing. R600a refrigerant are natural refrigerant consist of hydrocarbon. In the present work, the performance of the domestic refrigerator is determined using R600a (Isobutane) and comparison with R134a (Tetrafluoro-ethane) as the part of project work the refrigerator setup consists of evaporator, compressor, condenser and expansion valve are chosen with suitable specification. Also in the present work an attempt has been made to improve the coieffiecnt of performance (cop) of the system, by incorporating a heat exchanger before admitting refrigerant into the compressor. Thus the compressor work reduces and it may results increase the performance of the refrigeration system.

Keywords:Heat exchanger, coieffiecnt of performance, Isobutane, depletion of ozone, alternative refrigerants.


C.Janaki , M. Anandhi


In this paper we introduce a new class of sets called (1,2)*-πgθ-closed sets in bitopological spaces. Also we find some basic properties of (1,2)*-πgθ-closed sets. Further, we introduce a new space called (1,2)*-πgθ-T½ space. Mathematics Subject Classification: 54E55, 54C55

Keywords:(1,2)*-πgθ-closed set, (1,2)*-πgθ-open set, (1,2)*-πgθ-continuity and (1,2)*-πgθ-T½ space.

Enhancement of the Performance of Hydraulic Power Pack by Increasing Heat Dissipation

M.L.R.Chaitanya Lahari, DR.B.SRINIVASA REDDY


Hydraulic power units are main driving components of driving system. Consisting mainly a motor, a reservoir and a hydraulic pump these units can generate a tremendous amount of power to drive any kind of hydraulic ram. Hydraulic power units are based on Pascal's law of physics drawing their power from ratios of area and pressure. Heating of hydraulic oil in operation is caused by inefficiencies. Inefficiencies result in losses of input power, which are converted to heat. If the total input power lost to heat is greater than the heat dissipated, the hydraulic system will eventually overheat. In this work an attempt is made to reduce the unwanted temperature of oil by changing the construction and material of the tank and providing fins over it. Finally the improvement of efficiency of power pack by reducing heat losses has been studied and analyzed.

Keywords:Hydraulic Power Pack, Thermal Conductivity, Heat Transfer Coefficient, Heat Dissipation

A Study on Usability Principles of Mobile Commerce

Manjot Kaur


The widespread use of mobile commerce is no longer a fiction. The future is for mobile technology and mobile commerce. These emerging technologies are getting wide acceptance throughout the world. Mobile commerce getting fast popularity since it allows the freedom of movement and ease of access virtually from anywhere. The future of mobile commerce heavily depends upon how easy and how friendly is this service to use. An effective user friendly interface design plays central role in the success of mobile commerce. Therefore, the main purpose of my research is to evaluate the usability principles of mobile commerce. In this research paper firstly I discussed about the M-Commerce in detail. Definitions of Mobile Commerce given by various authors are explained in brief. In problem discussion various barriers to M-Commerce are identified such as security, tangibility and physical experience. After this, usability of M-Commerce is explained as one of the biggest challenging issue in the adoption of M-Commerce. Essential factors of the M-Commerce acceptance are also outlined. After this a model of attributes of system acceptability is described. In last research questions are defined with the suitable answers. After research it can be concluded that if mobile usability could be improved above "satisfactory" level, it will have direct and positive impact of m-commerce usage and increase in m-commerce business volume

Keywords:(WAP usability, Usability Principles, Mobile commerce, User Interface Design, Principles to support usability, Usability Heuristics, Amazon.com, CNN.com.

Path Loss Prediction by Robust Regression Methods

T. E. Dalkilic, K. S. Kula, B. Y. Hanci


Estimating the position of mobile terminals is an important problem for cellular networks. One of the methods of locating the mobile terminal is to use measurements of the radio path loss. This paper presents the results of robust regression methods for the prediction of path loss in a specific urban environment. Since the data set using in the application has outlier robust regression methods are used prediction of the path loss model. The performance of the path loss model which is obtained from robust regression methods are compared to Bertoni-Walfisch model, which is one of the best studied for propagation analysis involving buildings. This comparison based on the mean square error between predicted and measured values. In this study, propagation measurements were carried out at 900 MHz band in the city of Istanbul, Turkey.

Keywords:Path Loss Model, Anfis, Robust Regression, Prediction

Stochastic Model to Find the Diagnostic Reliability of Gallbladder Ejection Fraction Using Normal Distribution

P. Senthil Kumar, A. Dinesh Kumar, M. Vasuki


To assess the diagnostic reliability of gallbladder ejection fraction in patients with suspected biliary pain. For a class of nonlinear diffusion equations we use the Painleve analysis. In some cases we find that it has only the conditional Painleve property and in other cases, just the painleve property. We also obtained special solutions of Painleve analysis. In that, one of the solution (i.e) the reduction of nonlinear diffusion equation to Riccati equation was used for the gallbladder ejection fraction.

Keywords:(Gallbladder Ejection Fraction, Normal Distribution, Painleve Property, Riccati Equation, Cholecystokinin, Chronic Acalculous Cholecystitis

Vehicle Theft Intimation Using GSM

Minakshi Kumari, Prof. Manoj Singh


This project uses a wireless technology for automobiles using GSM modem. With the help of GSM modem, we can stop the automobile engine when someone tries to steal the vehicle. When unauthorised person tries to unlock the door of car, then a programmable microcontroller 8051 gets an interrupt and order to GSM modem to send a SMS. GSM modem that stores owner's number upon a miss call for the first time sends an alert SMS to that authorized number. If owner reply to "stop the engine" then the control instruction is given to the microcontroller through interface that the output from which activates a relay driver to trip the relay that disconnects the ignition of the automobile resulting in stopping the vehicle.

Keywords:Step down transformer 230/12V, Bridge Rectifier, Voltage Regulator 7805, Microcontroller 8051 and GSM modem.

XML Retrieval: A Survey

Hasan Naderi, Mohammad Nazari Farokhi, Nasredin Niazy, Behzad Hosseini Chegeni, Somaye Nouri Monfared


Nowadays in the world of the Internet and the Web, great amounts of information in various forms and different subjects are available to users. The available information can be divided into three categories: structured, unstructured and semi-structured. Information retrieval systems traditionally retrieve information from unstructured text which is a text without marking up. XML retrieval is content-based retrieval of structured documents with XML. The aim of XML retrieval is restoring related parts of an XML document that by exploiting the document structure can respond to users' needs. In this research we will examine the XML retrieval. Moreover, models, challenges and retrieve methods exactly are studied.

Keywords:Cas, Co, ComRank, Inex, Information Retrieval, Trex, XML Retrieval

Prediction System for Reducing the Cloud Bandwidth and Cost

G Bhuvaneswari, Mr. K.Narayana, Erasappa Murali


In this paper, we present AACK (Anticipating ACKs), a novel end-to-end traffic redundancy elimination (TRE) system, designed for cloud computing customers. Cloud-based traffic redundancy elimination needs to apply a judicious use of cloud resources so that the bandwidth cost reducing is combined with the additional bandwidth cost of traffic redundancy elimination computation and storage would be reduced. AACK's main advantage is its capability of offloading the cloud- server traffic redundancy elimination effort to end-clients, thus minimizing the processing costs induced by the traffic redundancy elimination algorithm. Unlike previous solutions, AACK does not require the server to continuously maintain clients' status. This makes AACK very suitable for pervasive computation environments that combine client mobility and server migration to maintain cloud elasticity. AACK is based on a novel traffic redundancy elimination technique, which allows the client to use newly received packets to identify previously received packet chains, which in turn can be used as reliable predictors to future transmitted packets. We present a fully functional ACK implementation, transparent to all TCP-based applications and net-work devices. Finally, we analyze AACK benefits for cloud users, using traffic traces from various sources.

Keywords:Anticipating ACKs, AACK, Traffic Redundancy Elimination, TCP, TRE

A New Way of Identifying DOS Attack Using Multivariate Correlation Analysis

R Nagadevi, P Nageswara Rao, Rameswara Anand


This paper talked about the results of MCA on the Distributed DoS detection and suggests an example, a covariance analysis model for detecting SYN flooding attacks. The imitation end results show that this method is highly accurate in detecting malicious system traffic in Distributed DoS attacks of different forces. This technique can effectively distinguish between ordinary and attack traffic. To be sure, this technique can identify even very fine attacks only a little different from normal behaviors. The linear difficulty of the method makes its immediate detection practical. The covariance model in this document to some area verifies the effectiveness of multivariate correlation analysis (MCA) for Distributed DoS detection. Some open problem still exists in this model for further research.

Keywords:Wireless DoS, MCA, malicious node, jammer, learning patterns.

An Efficient FB Addressing Protocol for Auto configuration of Ad Hoc Networks

Kg Mohanavalli, P Nageswara Rao, Rameswara Anand


Address assignment is a main challenge in ad hoc networks due to the lack of groundwork. Self-determining addressing protocols require a distributed and automatic mechanism to avoid address collisions in a aggressive network with paling channels, usual partitions, and adding/deleting nodes. We propose and evaluate a lightweight protocol that configures mobile ad hoc nodes based on a shared address database stored in filters that decreases the control load and makes the proposal potent to packet losses and network partitions. We evaluate the achievement of our protocol, considering adding nodes, partition merging events, and network declaration. Simulation results show that our protocol resolves all the address collisions and also decreases the control traffic when compared to previously proposed protocols.

Keywords:FB, Ad hoc networks, computer based network management
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